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Sunday Message and Song: "Ave Maria"

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Hello Dear Love Light!

Today, in the video below, I speak about Mother Mary, “The Blessed Mother,” and sing a'capella the song “Ave Maria” for the Sunday Message and Song.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary’s compassion and patience is boundless.

I for one can’t even with the farthest stretch of the imagine understand her Holy compassion and commitment to her Son’s Divine path as the outreach of God itself. Would I have said yes knowing I would have to watch Him die? Having a son myself, I am not sure I could do what she did, in open loving obedience being asked to be the Mother of God’s love to reach every nation, and to stand and watch his crucifixion and death.

I am humbled by her love.

It is a supernatural mystery that she has bestowed her Marion callings upon me, which I share in my book with you.

Some of you may know already, that many years ago, I was awoken by Mother Mary and asked to “Go Dig in the Garden.” What happens after that is something of a mystery and a miracle!

Here is an excerpt from my book “Sometimes God is A Homeless Man: A True Story of Heaven and Healing.” If you are interested and want to hear the rest of the story, you can download from the link above.

I woke abruptly feeling a kind of dense form of “air pressure” standing next to the bed. Then I heard a female voice gently call my name from about 3 feet away. “Kymm.” I sat up and looked around. No one was there, but the room was lit up with pink light from the morning rising sun, or was it more than that? How could morning light come into the room if the shades were pulled down behind the curtains. I was confused by this, but felt peaceful at the same time, bathing in a kind of pink loving light. Then I heard the voice again, within my inner ear and outside of my physical ear. “Go out in the garden and dig”…….(READ MORE)

The Blessed Mother Mary is incredibly powerful in her assistance of delivering your prayers inside the heart of God. The Blessed Mother holds supernaturally the frequency of great compassion and love.

Mother Mary has a Divine bond to children, in which she whispers guidance and holds fast never abandoning them when they are alone and going through great hardship. She comes as a Mother of great love to all of us in our darkest hour, as she sees us all as her children no matter what our age. She watches over us patiently, gently redirecting us in our choices, raising our consciousness through love, forgiveness, and compassion. Much of her light is infused within the planet Earth, and she asks us to respect the earth as a true Mother which feeds us with her life sustaining nutrients.

I was shown in a sort of “epiphany” vision, that the Earth (much like the female egg) and the meteor that hit the earth (much like the male sperm) created life as we know it, and is the parallel symmetry that is “made in the image” of our own lives in procreation. Science now supports this vision in theorizing that the microbes on the meteor began life on earth. Should we not ponder this next thought, that the meteor was intentional on behalf of God, or whatever name best make you comfortable such as the Higg’s field, Divine Matrix, Mother Father God, Super Consciousness, Heaven, the Universe? It’s magnificent how God speaks to us through nature giving us the keys to our origin. Mother Mary oversees and has vested her energy in our planet Earth, what can you do to respect the planet today? Enjoy nature? Recycle, clean up trash on the side of the road? Donate to natural disasters? Use natural shampoo, conditioner, soaps, cleaning agents that go into our water? Ask The Blessed Mother Mary to guide you today in paying special tribute to Mother Earth.

And Please enjoy AVE MARIA from my heart to yours!

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Have a Blessed Sunday!

Love and Light!


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