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All of Kymm's Healing Sessions provide Christian Clairvoyant Communication with Heaven and include Spiritual Counseling to help you attain the deepest possible healing.

All Healing Sessions will include a text dialog with Kymm for preparation and focused meditation 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  After the session, Kymm will continue in private for an additional 15 minutes to document the highlights of the session and give you additional healing direction via text.


 Please allow for an additional 30 minutes in addition to your scheduled time.  


All appointments are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Angel Ministry Reading

AIM Healing Text Session

AIM Healing Phone Session

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AIM Personalized Meditation Recording

Receive a customized and personal 5 min meditation specifically recorded by Kymm for only YOU!   Kymm will lead you through guided meditation including the I AM affirmations Kymm receives in meditation, your specific healing frequencies and binaural beats.  Includes a 30 minute AIM Healing Session.  A perfect and pure way to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Become an AIM member and save 20% on everything AIM NOW!

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