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You are the highest of the high, I welcome your Holy Spirit to receive prophetic word, prophetic vision, with grace and ease and with a humble heart.

I easily feel the Holy Spirit in my silent time with You Lord, may I hear and speak your secret language and know your plan in me.

I praise your name Jesus even as I do dishes…. i speak your secret language silently within me and know.

I am eternally grateful for encountering your infinite love,  and to hold fast in my day to day activities knowing the worth of the love that you have for each one of us, and its astounding magnitude of belonging.

May the angels song that praises you for eternity, come into manifestation, may we all hear that continuous song in our prophetic dreams, in our prayer time and meditation time with you Lord,


Kymm Civetta

Founder of Angel Intuitive Ministry

Prophetic Healer, Author, Singer

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