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Israel Prophetic Dream Angel Number 1111

Last night I had a prophetic dream about the unthinkable and unimaginable happenings in Israel. I am not one to post political views, and this is not a political post, but a spiritual one. The Holy Spirit put a number in front of me in a prophetic dream, in this vision I saw 1111, and I was nudged strongly to share it with you 🙏🏻

This is not a post to ask about your personal political views, and i’m not asking on comments for what your beliefs are, i’m just asking for your prayers and good thoughts, a collective highest affirmation, that is drenched in gratefulness and unconditional love that will pour out onto Israel and the whole planet.

I am hoping that as you read my blog's spiritual meaning on the prophetic number 1111, that you will interpret it the way that the Holy Spirit leads you in regard to Israel and our entire world, and even in your own life.

Many think it’s far away and won’t affect us, but in the vision, it showed me that we will all be affected by this prophetic happening. But we do have the power of prayer, and the power of love, to create an “armor of God” over our countries, families, and friends, and even those afar we don’t personally know.

Your thoughts and prayers are powerful and God hears them.

I appreciate you more than you know. I am so grateful for you.

Thank you for reading, praying, and visualizing protection and peace.


1111 Prophetic Spiritual Meaning by Kymm

11:11 this prophetic number, is astonishing in how many receive this profound number. It is an incredible sometimes initial “awakening” and direct communication by God.

So many of us are receiving it and this number is stopping us in our tracks.

It’s not the number “11”once, but “11” —TWICE

God is getting your attention by repeating 11 twice!!

Stop and pay attention and take notice that God is speaking to you.

God is wanting to give you a kind of “upgrade” in receiving Him. Your thoughts must be aligned with the love of God.

The Holy Spirit is asking you to rise up in faith, and to be active in thinking positive thoughts, to be encouraged to manifest in faith!

It is at the core, absolutely about the breath of life.

The bridge in communication with God Himself.

This number is about taking time to breathe in the breath that God has gifted you.

Stop, be silent, and meditate upon this gift by breathing in and be grateful for your “life.”

In Revelation 11:11, God breathed in life to the lifeless after 3 days, and the people saw and stood shaken and in absolute reverence of the power of God.

God can breathe life and healing into your cels, your thoughts, and your life —BUT you must surrender to Him, and give Him your time to honor the breath he has gifted you.

I was taken briefly to heaven in an incredible shift of heavenly conscioussness, some

call a NDE, others an “open vision,” where the room disappeared and I was transported to heaven.

I woke up and looked upon the horizon with this awareness that the all of heaven was Jesus’s white Robe. It was His Sovereign Kingdom and I knew it without question.

As I lay upon this misty cloud- like intelligent telepathic field of unconditional love that was His, I knew that the air (that was not air more like molecules of love) were in fact coming from Him and an extension of His love. It is impossible and IS so unimaginable…. it is very hard to describe in our earthly verbiage. I wrote about this open vision in my book “Heaven In My Eyes: A True Story of Heaven and Healing” as my communication with God deepened and He healed me of inoperable cancer. The reason I share with you about this story, is that when I was taken up to heaven, I KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that God breathed Life into me. I knew without a doubt the only reason I was breathing was because he gave me His breath.

I knew this truth in the core of my being. This heavenly knowledge was instantaneously downloaded into my knowing. The love from Him was a state of constant euphoric love for eternity, accompanied and living inside a sound and vibration that all emanated from Him.

I was not brought up with any religion or foundation in which to pull from in the context of information about heaven or Jesus.

So in a way it is all the more miraculous and this is the truth of my experience to know that when we connect to our breath, it is literally a divine act of communicating with God.

11:11 stops you to remind you that your life is from Him. Be grateful and spend time with your breath which is spending time with God. Align your thoughts, words and actions with the highest of the high in humble adoration.


Kymm Civetta

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