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Is Heaven Real?

Have you ever asked the question: Is Heaven is real? If you are like me, it is a constant question that subtly floats within each cel of our existence, even when doing the dishes. I have been asking this nonchalant question pretty much all my life, but I didn't know that I would be shown that heaven is indeed real, later in my life during a life threatening illness. I wrote down all the incredible spiritual experiences that happened to me and compiled them in my book. Then, I finally got up the positive energy and self-love to share those spiritual experiences on a talk show podcast, when I was recently interviewed on Trapper Jack's "Touched By Heaven." I absolutley love him! This was my first podcast interview, and I hope it is not my last. We talked about my being transported to heaven whilst going through inoperable cancer with no real options to live for my young children, my visions of Jesus when I had no real foundation in any christian religion, I shared my being awoken to a pink light in the room with the voice of Mother Mary telling me to dig in my garden, with a clairvoyant heavenly map of exactly where to dig, only to discover something life changing buried in the soil, I told him of my "seeing dead people" with messages for loved ones (1 Corinthians 12:10) , and last but not least, the astounding experience of seeing the powerful and enormous Arch Angel Michael sitting on my fireplace stoop in my living room with a powerful message. You can find these stories in more detail in my book "Sometimes God is a Homeless Man: A True Story of Heaven and Healing on amazon. (stay tuned as the title of my book is changing through my publishing company to "Heaven In My Eyes: A True Story of Heaven and Healing this spring 2023.) These experiences led me to becoming a Christian Clairvoyant Psychic Medium facilitating healing for grief and all areas of life through my center Angel Intuitive Ministry. I would love to connect with you! You can reach me on my website or on my messenger FB Angel Intuitive Ministry, Youtube. I hope my video episode above Trapper Jack's podcast on YouTube will inspire you, possibly divinely connect you even deeper to the invisible knowledge that HEAVEN IS REAL. #heaven #angels


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