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Angel Number 444: Is God speaking to you?

The title of this blog presents a thought-provoking query: Are you attuned to God's communication?

Perhaps you've pondered this question before, or maybe you're feeling disheartened because you perceive a lack of divine communication. But what if God is consistently reaching out to us through subtle signs and marvels, and we simply haven't recognized it yet?

How could the boundless Creator connect with us, mere mortals?

Consider the enigmatic relationship between letters or symbols in our languages and their numerical values, a concept attributed to the Creator. Moreover, in the realm of quantum physics, numerical constructs underpin the very fabric of the universe. Hence, there appears to be a profound correlation between numbers and the divine.

I'm here to convey that no individual is insignificant to receive direct communication from God on a daily basis. Whether it's a passage from the Bible, a natural phenomenon like the appearance of a hawk, or the recurrence of angelic numbers, God's presence is palpable and omnipresent, awaiting our acknowledgment.

One method through which God and celestial beings communicate with us is by presenting repeated sequences of numbers, gradually drawing our attention to a higher purpose beyond ourselves.

I've authored and produced videos to elucidate one of these divine communication methods: angel numbers.

In this particular video, I explore the significance of the angel number 444. I trust you'll find it enriching, as much as I found joy in creating it for you (:

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Kymm Civetta

Founder, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Counselor

of Angel Intuitive Ministry

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