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I AM: Affirmations, Proclamations, and Prayer

Why should we write, say, and think in the I AM?

"I AM" is the name of God spoken by the Holy Fire that could not be consumed on top of Mount Sinai. The name of God that was spoken to Moses, is not a normal name as we know names to be, but rather a "present state of being; I AM THAT, I AM. So, in just speaking that name, I AM it creates what words we utter after it.

Let's look closer and break it down:

I AM THAT: I AM THAT in which I think of, speak of, and act on

then it recaps it again ending with I AM to announce that I AM is and always has been. I AM is in the beginning and is always manifesting and creating through us in what we think, say, and do.

This is really astounding if you allow yourself to absorb the magnificence of God basically giving us the key to creation, in a kind of unspoken code when Moses asked what was God's name.

I had an encounter NDE type of experience with Jesus through inoperperable cancer, and when I was transported within the Glory Cloud of His love, all my thoughts and His thoughts spoken to me were known without a delay in time and they were purely telepathic.

If we are to ready ourselves to have a daily dialogue with God, and to raise our vibration and frequency of words and thoughts, we must begin to train ourselves in the I AM day to day and speak with love, act in love, and even think thoughts in love as he commanded.

In the name of God, we understand that when we say I AM, we are actually co-creating in our words, thoughts and actions, so it's essential to affirm and confess when we pray in the affirmative of what we are wanting to experience in our lives.

Here is my I AM Affirmation, Proclamation, and Prayer may it bless you!



Lord, I humbly submit to you and surrender any unloving thoughts and actions; conscious and unconscious, in your name Jesus.

Lord as I hit my goals and my influence increases in the name of Jesus, may I never embrace arrogance and pride.

May I always know that all supply that you pour gracefully and supernaturally over my life, and as you open doors that catapult

my highest life purpose and service to you, —may I always be grateful FIRST and affirm in my heart and deepest knowing, that all good things flow through you alone.

Lord I declare, confess, and affirm that I speak only goodness in your name according to your Word.

EPHESIANS 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up and according to their needs, that it may benefit who listens."

Mark 10:52 "Go you are healed because you believed"

THAT goodness, I speak in my day to day conversations with neighbors, enemies, and strangers alike.

I concede the thoughts that ramble and confuse me, and I lift them to you, asking you to monitor my speech and thoughts Dear Lord.

Your supernatural GRACE and ACTION supersede over my health and to each and every person that reads this confession.

You Lord, come over my finances and make them flourish and I AM free of debts I owe to the world and as that continuous abundance overflows I serve you Lord

I speak only abundance and prosperity, steeped in the knowledge that you are an infinite source of supply, and I am in the vine bearing good fruit.

Make it known to my heart and to each of us here, that “walking in full faith” means to SPEAK LIFE into all areas of our experience through YOU the great I AM.

Through this cascading waterfall of the Holy Spirit that washes my mind of self, and washes my sisters and brothers minds as well as they read this, that we together accept the baptism

of our thoughts in the Holy Water and Spirit that is You Lord.

We are made in your image, and you had the “thought” of creation and spoke ( the word) of light into it. May we all speak light and love into the world as it unfolds in creation in the Book of Life.


I pray this blesses you,

Kymm Civetta

Prophetic Counselor, Author, Singer, Minster

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