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Angel Repeated Numbers: 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1010, and more!


Repeated numbers like 1111, 333, 222,  or 777?

If you are seeing repeated numbers, you

are not alone. It’s very exciting and often an awe inspiring feeling, or even dumbfounding when you start to notice over and over these “attention-

getting” repeated prophetic angel number patterns.

Where and when do we see repeated numbers? Repeated prophetic angel number sequences like

1111, 222, 333, 444, 555 over and over?

We see repeated numbers on license plates that pull in front of us such as 333, or are parked right next to us in the spot we pull into such as 444.

We see them in the middle of the night, when being “woken up” at 2:22am, or when we look up from making breakfast to have the number 5:55am gleaming back to us on our digital clocks.

We pick up our phones and there it is again! — that repeated number sequence such as 1:11, 2:22, or 3:33.

We go on that long awaited vacation trip and it’s again displayed on our hotel room 333, or even on a can of beans.

Even in the bar code of a product we may see 555 embedded within

the number, or on the grocery receipt totaling $11.11.

What about the number of emails you have left to open like 222?

It just goes on and on, so much that you finally STOP and ask, what is this all about?!!

What are repeated number sequences?


Repeated Angelic numbers or Repeated Prophetic Numbers are often thought of as a form of communication from heaven, or from an angel or loved one in heaven.

But what if I shared with you, that it is even more vast and expansive than that?

What if I told you that God speaks to us prophetically in a direct language of prophetic repeated numbers to get our attention?

Why should I make a claim like that?

Because it’s awesomely true.

The great and expansive universe can be explained in quantum physics as a mathematical equation.

There is also a mysterious number assigned to the alphabet in all languages, revealing that numbers are the language of our Creator.

Read on to see what God and the Angels are saying to you in the related number sequence, Angel number,  or Prophetic Number that is being revealed to you now.


0, 00, 000, 0000 Zeros are a circular shape, with no beginning and no ending and

represent eternity. Zeros represent the infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent power of God,

the All that is, the vast unending Creator. When you see a zero or in triplet 000, you

can be sure that are receiving direct communication from God Almighty. It is time to

slow down, clean out your mind and fast the body to be closer to God. It’s time to

breathe and become silent, and meditate on God. This can be on a spiritual sabbatical,

a silent walk in nature, during meditation and prayer, while reading the bible, or

wherever God leads you to find Him. God has created you with a purpose for your life to

affect all those you come in contact with, through the love and compassion of you heart.

If you have been over stressed and too busy it’s time to spend time with God and listen

to what the action is that you must take that is a fulfillment of your being born. Take

action through prayer, commit to time with God in your spiritual movement. This is a

wake up call to spend time with the Creator and to feel God’s eternal presence and

purpose for your life. Be in reverence of God.


1, 11, 111 or 1111

Zeros are symbolic of God, and the number 1 is the next number

after zero. First, there was God (0) then God spoke and created life. He spoke and

created light and the life of creation. This could be the creation sound of vibrations that

science is now understanding that certain vibrations and hertz resonating under sand

can create shapes. With this I encourage you to be very aware of your words as they

creating your outer reality. They drop into a pond and ripple out affecting so many that

we are unaware of, so take care. Think, Speak, and Act the good path. As things are

created by word at the speed of light so make sure your words are out of love and be

aware of what you are creating in your words.

In a marriage with your words are your thoughts. Even at this level we must Monitor our thoughts and surrender them to God.  It is imperative to align your thought with the highest outcome and to stay positive as thoughts are manifesting very quickly into matter.


Don’t be careless with your thoughts and words right now.  Even take action and write down your highest outcome, goals, aspirations on a white board.  For example:

“I AM so excited and happy that …..” ( fill in the blank)

It’s important to keep your affirmations in the present tense by using the name of God “ I AM” and NOW is a

powerful addition to your affirmation making it as if it is already happening.  So the ancient Hebrew meaning of God’s name is “ I AM THAT, I AM.” It has always fascinated me that God told Moses his name it was not an average Hebrew name it was a state of present being;

I AM THAT ( that I think of)

I AM THAT ( that I speak)

I AM THAT ( that I watch)

I AM THAT ( that I listen to)

I AM THAT ( that I focus on)


So 1111 reminds us to raise up our thoughts and be active and co create our highest outcomes.


Prophetic Angel Number 222

Here is my blog spiritual interpretation of 222 combining numerology, angel, and biblical meaning.

Number 222 repeated angel number sequence has a profound spiritual meaning.

It comes to in the need to take a balanced stance in this circumstance.  It asks you to stand on your own two feed in full faith and trust and to be empathetic of others and to view the situation with wisdom.

In the prophetic biblical meaning,  222 triple digits is symbolic of a devout faith and trust as well!

John the Baptist’s name (translated in Hebrew and or Greek numbers called Gematria)  is the number 222.

This angelic number 222,  asks you to be a witness to the light of Christ in this world.

Biblically Acts 2:22 is about “Signs Miracles and Wonders.”

So expect in full faith that you are or will be receiving signs, wonders and miracles!

The word WISDOM appears in the bible 222 times.

You are being asked to cultivate wisdom, to integrate balance, and to be humbled by God and surrender to receive the chalice of peace.

The 222nd verse in the bible says that God gives Noah the rainbow.

When you seek God in faith and trust, and truly believe in faith and TRUST Him, there is a rainbow 🌈 awaiting your efforts.🙏


Prophetic Angel Number 333 Spiritual Meaning:

Prophetic Angel numbers are God’s way of communicating with us.

In numerology and angel meanings 333 can represent the ascended masters, and a need and calling for balance of mind body and spirit.

In the Christian prophetic meaning coming from the bible verse; Jeremiah 3:33 it says:

“Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and

unsearchable things you do not know.”

This profound number 333 represents The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity.

Again all these meanings in whatever verbiage you prefer come from the Creator, God through His mighty angels and through the Holy Spirit in the numbers He created as a universal language.

333 means to “Call or even cry out to God” in this circumstance.

Even morse code with an SOS is a call for help.

SOS is 3 dashes and 3 dots and 3 dashes

The pattern again is 333.

It means to literally call for HELP!! and call

out to God, because He is calling you to His Purpose.

This number is the presence of God the highest of the high, the Holy Trinity reveals the unconditional love of Jesus to you and His legion of angels of protection.

It can be often seen when someone dear is passing, letting you know that God is near to take your loved one home.

It is a heavenly call on many levels.

It is confirmation in prayer.

It can be also interpreted at times, as a “call to battle” in the “end times,” where Jesus and ArchAngel Michael come

together and descend upon the earth to eradicate evil.

It is a calling, where we must make the choice to uphold our love to God, our faith filled beliefs and not fall prey to the world.

It represents balance as in a triangle, we observe it has 3 sides and is a shape of perfection  — we observe this in the Great Pyramids where they still


It is again, a direct request for you to balance your mind, body, and spirit by spending time with God in nature on a retreat or daily in a

peaceful space so you can better hear see and know His direction.

What steps can you take to balance your inside and outside world?

What can you do to take time to breathe in the love of God and to then spread it in your reality?

When you see this number 333- It is a “wake up call” that balance in your life is needed and a more disciplined practice of reaching out to God is asked of you.

Ask the Holy Spirit, your angels, and the gleaming stars to intervene and give you knowledge that is “unknown” and “unsearchable” to you.

Call out to God.

Listen, balance, and breathe.

God is near.

Follow His guidance and knowledge and wait for revelation.

Thank you for reading and kindly commenting !! sending you love !! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻


Blog by Kymm Civetta author of “Heaven In My Eyes: A True Story of Heaven and Healing” Heaven in My Eyes: A True Story of Heaven and Healing


Prophetic Angel Number 444


Is an incredible prophetic sign !!

Prophetic Angel Number 444 is a very strong sign to be fearless in regard to your highest divine purpose.

Angel number 444 asks you to take action towards your highest aspirations and to keep your intentions high as a legion of angels are unleashed by God to procure and advance you to this higher level of calling.

Take the steps and action towards these aspirations because God is supporting you!

You have nothing to fear.

444 is direct Godly communication, and a sign that you are being prepared to be “set apart.”

When you are chosen by God for His purpose and set apart, one must be able to answer that call with a kind of peaceful obedience and agreeable willingness.

There is a sense of ownership that is needed in God’s calling that you are being asked to do.

Remove doubt and negativity from your thoughts and move toward this enlightened path.

Allow this calling to be “set apart,” rest peacefully inside a pure heart.   

God is choosing you.

How will you answer?

You must cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, and it’s time to pray with the open heart of a child.

This level of surrender is needed, in order for you to receive the Holy Spirit and proceed in great faith, carrying with you the knowledge that you are supported, and literally surrounded by a legion of angels, —His angels.

This 444 prophetic number is a “sanctification” number, which means you will not be following the world, but rather upholding faith and ideals that don’t align  with the world’s message of fear.  You must remove yourself from the world’s distractions and desires.

You may feel lonely in your walk on the planet at times, but know whole heartedly you are accompanied by the highest of the high and never alone.



Prophetic Angel Number Meaning

It truly is amazing that no matter the philosophy we research, whether it be numerology, new age  angel number meanings, or biblical prophetic interpretations, these repeated sequence numbers all come down to a synchronistic  meaning and highly similar message on all fronts.

This synchronistic message confirms that numbers were divinely assigned and given to our language with a mystical meaning by the Creator and stem from the One Source.

With that in mind,  I am happy to give you a prophetic compilation  of the spiritual meanings of 555.

555 means that big changes are at hand in your life, and they are divinely guided.

These lightning fast changes are unfolding for your highest good, that lead you to your divine purpose.

It’s as if you are at the starting line in a race car, and being asked to fasten your seat belt and ready yourself for big change.

You are being asked to LET GO of the old that no longer serves you,  as the new unfolds before you.

It’s important to stay positive so that you attract the highest spiritual protection as well as assist in the highest outcome.

Change can be a transition that is an “upset” at times,  and so you are asked to go with the flow with as much grace as you can muster.

In the Christian meaning repeated prophetic number 555 means literally “The Grace of God” and “His favor.”

God’s grace and favor are upon you,  and coming over you to give you the ability to overcome obstacles that lead you to your purpose which is indicative of change.

Repeated Number Sequences are not a coincidental happening.

They are the language of God, and God is telling you he has His eye on you and He is covering you with grace and favor through this change.

Jesus endured for humanity,  the 5 wounds on the cross.

With 5’s in triplicate,  the prophetic number 555 tells you that you can be assured that Jesus is near to you in these changes,  and that you will undergo these changes with the grace of God.

Change and Grace are revealed to you in the number 555.



Angel Number 666 is a sign that your thoughts may be out of balance in weighing the flesh’s desires in contrast to Gods desires.

It is an encouraging sign for you to take action and focus on your spiritual life, as well as spending time with family and the small things in which we must be grateful.

Family, gratefulness for simple things you already have are in opposition to focusing on monetary and material thoughts, gain, lust, and addiction.

Angel number 666 biblically shares that “God is moving upon man” and reveals how man falls short of God and spiritual attainment by choosing and falling prey to the material and lustful flesh world.

Biblically 666 represents “the flesh of man.”

It is a wake up call to put full trust in God with the faith of a child and thank God for the small things. For example, clean water, clean air to breathe, enough food to eat, a healthy body and mind.  It is time to daily affirm gratefulness that God is our supply whether written and spoken affirmations or in your prayers whole heartedly and happily proclaim that you faith in His supply.

It is also a sign sharing that this is the time to heal any issues from the past,  and lean into God and His Angels and ask for help in this healing.

Breathe, enjoy nature, family, friends, and the small things and ask God to take the past burdens from you and guide you into gratefulness now.


777 Prophetic Angel Number 777

Prophetic Angel Number 777 reminds us to be in service of others, and to express the highest parts of ourselves in the image of God.

Cherish and express your highest abilities as the angels applaud  you in heaven.

You have been working hard spiritually, and heaven is recognizing this, and will be rewarding you for your good efforts.

Expect miracles from unknown sources by keeping your thoughts in tune with the highest outcome.

Your wisdom has paid off, and heaven tips their hat off to you.

The Prophetic number 777, in biblical terms is the spirit of God manifesting.

It represents a day of resting in God, and enjoying that is He is reigning over your life, and is the perfection of love in your life in which to be grateful.

777 is a sign that fruits are coming from your faith, hard work, wisdom, and especially your actions for those you serve.


888 Prophetic Angel Number

Prophetic Angel Number 888

tells you that you are fully supported by heaven to dream, act and achieve your life purpose. Great abundance and prosperity is yours in the asking. As this new abundance phase begins you may be asked to end the previous chapter in your life and so it’s time to prepare to the new by letting go of the old.

Angel Number 888 strongly suggests to uphold your values and integrity and never to lose that inner truth to “get ahead” in your career.  Be true to your life mission and don’t compromise your highest truth for the sake of advancement.

The prophetic meaning of number 888 in the bible is incredible and goes hand in hand with the angelic meaning above.

Prophetic number 888 means that Gods divine plan is being revealed in us and that you are being renewed for a new start, a new heart, and a new spirit.

Be grateful for the awesome supply of God.


999 Prophetic Angel Number

Prophetic Angel Number 999  is a signal that a phase or chapter in your life that is coming to a close.

Don’t be fearful of this closure, as this is preparing you for a new beginning aligned with your highest purpose.

Do not delay by prolonging this ending, as it is a calling from God and his divine timing as he sends His angels to guide you.

999 is a spiritual gifting from God. It is a sign of your truest life purpose waiting as you close one door and walk into to door that heaven and the angels are leading you.

It is important right now to use spiritual discernment and to lean into God, the Most High.

Listed are the 9 spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, in which you may take to meditate upon.

Breathe these gifts in as you read them and ask the Holy Spirit what your purpose is.

Heaven is revealing to you that in which which you are guided to do, lovingly let go of the old and receive the new with love in your heart.







faithfulness gentleness &

self control


911 prophetic spiritual number meaning by Kymm


Life is a great gift from the Holy Spirit that has breathed its light of life into us, with a divine purpose in store for each of us.

In Galatians 5:22 it is revealed in this verse the 9 gifts of the Spirit;

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. “

This passage of the 9 gifts of the Spirit,  reminds us to meditate on these gifts and to discipline ourselves in them to be expressed in the world.

1’s are the sequential number after zero (which you can read on my interpretation by going to the spiritual meaning of 000’s on the pinned post 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻)

God thought.

God spoke.

God created with light.

1’s remind us to monitor and make filled with the fruit of the Spirit our thoughts,  as they are manifesting at light speed.

All of us in America and around the world, and with deep sadness remember the unforgettable date  of 9-11.

This date is forever etched in our minds and hearts.

That fallen day represented life, and freedom taken, and a resounding faith that rose from the embers and ashes of grief.

It was an action and statement of judgement no matter how inaccurate.

9’s are symbolic of closure and judgement.

11’s represent valor and faith.

All of which manifested on that unforgettable day.

This can be an awakening in your life, a calling, and on some

level an alarm or siren to gifts of the spirit that give us “LIFE.” And the profound awareness of Judgements.

Many years ago,  it became the norm to call 911 when a life is at stake.

We know that women are pregnant for 9 months.

9 is a completion and a “birthing of new life.”

So meditate on Life, The 9 gifts of the Spirit, Judgments, allow the profound closing and releasing or the OLD and sound the alarm of birthing to the new, all in which is supported and manifested with a resounding faith led by positive thoughts.

Hand over your thoughts to Jesus.

Ask Him to instill His unconditional love within every one of your cels.

Ask ArchAngel Michael to defend the valor of the men and women that have fought and fight today to protect against  hate and judgement in this world.

Surround those that are in peril of losing their lives or hope and call to God to retrieve them.

It is a sounding alarm number and God is asking you to pay attention and act now.


1212 Prophetic Angel Number by Kymm “ Angel Intuitive Ministry”

12 is an incredible number and God and the Angels are speaking to you!!

In Numerology and Angel Number meanings, the repeated number 1212 is a POWERFUL sign that you are to step out of your comfort zone!

You are being asked to take a new direction and/or begin new projects and ventures that you have been wanting to do for a long time now.

Prophetic Angel Number 1212 invites us to release your fears and apprehensions,  and gives you the encouragement to get on with your aspirations,  to

pursue your passions and get moving on your life purpose.

In the prophetic Christian meaning,  the repeated number sequence of 1212 represents “perfect government”

and the absolute message that God is in control.

It represents God’s

power and His control of the 12 legions of angels in heaven.

There are 12 months in the year, which gives time calculation structure.  So structured time is what God wants from you to create divine order in your life.

God is telling you to keep your hopes high and not fall prey to the world.

There are 12 tribes of Israel mentioned.

12 disciples.  12 is a profound number and it’s being repeated twice to get your attention!

This bible verse sums up a profound meaning of the repeated prophetic angel number 1212:

Romans 12:12

12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Have hope that God is in control of the chaos, and devote time to God in nature or whatever sanctuary brings you closer to the Most High Creator !!!

Pray in full faith and expect a miracle that God has full control over.


Here is my “Angel Intuitive Ministry” prophetic blog interpretation of the Repeated Prophetic Angel Numbers 1234

1234 Prophetic Angel Number

1234 is subsequent numbers in consecutive order.

God is communicating the consecutive steps of a project or a life decision in which heaven and the angels ask for you to have “faith and listen” and then “act by taking baby steps” to accomplish a specific  project or life decision.

It’s important to “clean up” and on some level elevate our bodies, minds, and spiritual practices,  when we become awakened and touched by God.  You must

There are

many number spiritual meanings you can look up online, but we know to use discretion in those meanings and to check in with your inner knowing by praying to see what resonates with you.  Ask God to give you the beginning steps in direct guidance —a dream or possibly a spiritual intuitive message.

There is a bible verse that has 12:34 in it, and it’s pretty remarkable!

Luke 12:34

34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Ask yourself what you perceive as your highest treasure, and that is where your heart will lie.  Take baby steps and actions with a faithful heart 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻


1313 Prophetic Number Meaning by Kymm

This is a message that love should be your greatest focus.  Loving communication, loving words, actions,  and thoughts of the self and others. ( even those you find undeserving of love)

This number also asks you to allow Jesus to monitor your thoughts and create a loving balance.

It can represent lawlessness in governments created by man and instilled and fed by corruption of darkness.

This number asks you to give way to order in your life,  and hand it over to God and focus on love above all.

Refrain and do not partake in that which is lawless, do not watch, read or listen to that which is not of God.  God is asking  you to take time to surrender to love.

As in,

Corinthians 13:13

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.



Prophetically speaking,  there is a verse in the bible Romans 9:33 that is all about needing action and also “works,” and that sitting and waiting on faith alone is not enough in this situation.

933 is a stumbling block speaking to you,  saying that you must “work” or take action in accordance and in alignment with God as a “work then reward” kind of relationship.

It encourages you not to stay stuck clinging to the old and stumbling all the while wondering why God is not removing  all the stumbling blocks for you.

You must take action and co-create with God in a positive way combined with your faith.

Angel number 933 illustrates and encourages you  to use your creativity and natural talents, that organically teaches and serves others as your life’s purpose.

933 shares that you can expect blessings in serving others through creative endeavors.

When we break down the prophetic number 933 down, we can see that “9”meaning  life purpose and a closing of a chapter in your life, and “33” is significant in Christ,  as he lived 33 years,  and that he asks you to lean on Him.  Jesus is asking you to release clinging to the old out of fear, and to attain your life purpose through service to others.

9 is an ending and a conclusion to a chapter in your life.

Seeing 3 is the Holy Trinity, and 3 specifically is Jesus asking you to lead others as a positive example in service to humanity with your natural God given talents.

In Gematria,  a mysterious number is assigned to every letter in the languages that were given to us by the creator.

As we calculate 933 through Gematria,  the Hebrew translation is the word “wild. ”

Meditate on what the word “wild” means to you.  Is this to spend time in the wilderness? Does this mean to be “wild and free” in spirit for your love of God?

In retrospect,  as 933 asks you to not cling to the old and stay stuck, the word “wild” may share a strong message to take “wild” action to get “unstuck” and to accept the new and embrace the old doors closing and the new opening.

For more number meanings and connection go to Kymm's website ministry or click on the e-press kit for more info

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