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ANGEL NUMBER 222: The Prophetic Language of the Angels


Repeated numbers like 1111, 333, 222,  or 777?

If you are seeing repeated numbers, you are not alone. It’s very exciting and often an awe inspiring feeling, or even dumbfounding when you start to notice over and over these “attention-

getting” repeated prophetic angel number patterns.

Where and when do we see repeated numbers? Repeated prophetic angel number sequences like

1111, 222, 333, 444, 555 over and over?

We see repeated numbers on license plates that pull in front of us such as 333, or are parked right next to us in the spot we pull into such as 444.

We see them in the middle of the night, when being “woken up” at 2:22am, or when we look up from making breakfast to have the number 5:55am gleaming back to us on our digital clocks.

We pick up our phones and there it is again! — that repeated number sequence such as 1:11, 2:22, or 3:33.

We go on that long awaited vacation trip and it’s again displayed on our hotel room 333, or even on a can of beans.

Even in the bar code of a product we may see 555 embedded within

the number, or on the grocery receipt totaling $11.11.

What about the number of emails you have left to open like 222?

It just goes on and on, so much that you finally STOP and ask, what is this all about?!!

What are repeated number sequences?


Repeated Angelic numbers or Repeated Prophetic Numbers are often thought of as a form of communication from heaven, or from an angel or loved one in heaven.

But what if I shared with you, that it is even more vast and expansive than that?

What if I told you that God speaks to us prophetically in a direct language of prophetic repeated numbers to get our attention?

Why should I make a claim like that?

Because it’s awesomely true.

The great and expansive universe can be explained in quantum physics as a mathematical equation.

There is also a mysterious number assigned to the alphabet in all languages, revealing that numbers are the language of our Creator.

Read on to see what God and the Angels are saying to you in the related number sequence, Angel number,  or Prophetic Number that is being revealed to you now.

Prophetic Angel Number 222

Kymm’s blog spiritual interpretation of 222 combining angelic, biblical, prophetic and gematria meanings over a lifetime of study and prayer/ meditation. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

When you see the angel number 222, The angels ask you to have TRUST AND FAITH.

Number 222 repeated angel number sequence has a profound spiritual meaning.

It comes to you for  the need to take a balanced stance in this circumstance.

Angel number 222 asks you to stand on your own two feed in full faith and trust and to be empathetic of others and to view the situation with wisdom.

In the prophetic biblical meaning,  222 triple digits is symbolic of a devout faith and trust as well!

John the Baptist’s name (translated in Hebrew and or Greek numbers called Gematria)  is the number 222. He was a prophet with  devout faith and was known to be out in nature and baptizing people full body, ask yourself if you need a nature sabbatical to reconnect with your faith or to be baptized anew?

This angelic number 222,  asks you to be a witness to the light of Christ in this world.

Biblically Acts 2:22 is about “Signs Miracles and Wonders.”

So expect in full faith that you are or will be receiving signs, wonders and miracles!

The word WISDOM appears in the bible 222 times.

The angels are asking to cultivate wisdom, to integrate balance, and to be humbled by God and surrender to receive the chalice of peace.

The 222nd verse in the bible says that God gives Noah the rainbow.

When you seek God in faith and trust, and truly believe in faith and TRUST Him, there is a rainbow 🌈 awaiting your efforts.🙏



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