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Angel Messages, Astrology & Heaven's Guidance 2021

Many of us are searching the heavens to help navigate these intense times in which we all are amidst. I have always had intuitive gifts to communicate directly with Heaven with open visions with Jesus and ArchAngel Michael, countless Marion callings, and being a Christian Clairvoyant Medium for Loved Ones in Heaven (read about Kymm's amazing encounters in her new book "Sometimes God is A Homeless Man: A True Story of Heaven and Healing.)

I hope to shed some light, providing you with some beneficial life coaching action steps, as well as bring you into the awareness of how the cosmos affect us in their different phases and alignments.

Below are some Heavenly messages of guidance, and highlights of special dates in the cosmos, with life coaching tips to help guide you into a higher experience in the upcoming weeks of early 2021.

Messages from Heaven:

Message from Arch Angel Raphael: “Gentle Sunshine is healing at this time, meditate and call on me to help you with healing your mind, body, and spirit”

Message from Mother Mary: “My child, follow the path of which you are most passionate, which leads you to your calling and life purpose”

Message from Arch Angel Michael: “Call my name to help you release your past, and to fill you with trust through my protection in releasing what no longer serves.”

Jesus’ words:

Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you. John 16:23

Cosmos Highlights

February 25th:

Venus brings a romantic influence in our lives, and Heaven tells us it’s time to have those “heart to heart” conversations we have been avoiding, and also heal the family issues that are affecting our freedom to love and to be loved.

February 27th:

A Cleansing Full Moon gives us some much-needed grounding energy in the earth sign Virgo. This full moon helps us let go of toxic relationships, and to release bad habits that hold us back for true wellness. Mark this date on your calendar, and do your self-healing work that you may have been putting aside for some time. You can do it!

March 20th:

The First day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere of USA)***It’s only 3.5 weeks away, so let’s get prepared to do some wellness action steps!

AIM Wellness Coaching and 4 steps you can take to prepare for spring!

Physical Body:

Detox by fasting on sprouted bread that is flourless like the biblical times, and at sunset eat a meal of vegetables and add vegetable juices. Don't fast to lose weight and don't fast while keeping to your regular rigorous working schedule, instead take time to fast and go inward and devote time to raising your vibration with God in nature. In your drinking water, add organic green powder or an emergency packet with vitamin C and zinc. Eat healthy a few days prior to fasting so it makes it easier, go slow and approach it with patience and grace. Practice yoga (gentle for beginners) and walk briskly to break a sweat and raise your endorphins.

Spiritual Body:

Every morning wake with a statement of gratefulness, write positive affirmations in the I Am present tense, read inspirational material, avoid social media and opinions, avoid news that is basically paid for by special interests, and avoid FB forwards that are not inspirational. (Download the Gaia app and watch that instead of FB) Meditate for 3 minutes daily focusing on your divine breath, and download one of our meditation tracks:

  1. AIM Activation

  2. AIM Meditation

Emotional Body:

Forgive others and don't hold on to being right. Make the first move in compassionate communication and don't wait for someone to express love or say they are sorry first. Many times, there is a misunderstanding, and the anger vibration is not worth holding onto in your emotional body which translates to the physical body and causes pain or worse an illness in the body. If you are in a physical or verbally abusive relationship, then the above does not apply and you may choose to schedule a healing session with me to help you.

Outer Living Space:

De-clutter and spring clean your living space, and donate things you never use! Read an article or book on Feng Shui. Plant a garden, or create an herb planter box in your kitchen or office. Simplify!

Love and Light always,

Talk with you soon!


For personal guidance, schedule a “one on one session” with me.

I am a Christian Clairvoyant Medium, Life Coach, Heart Math Guide, Angel Intuitive, Author, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister.

Also I would love your personal review on my book available on Amazon! Read it to ignite exponentially your own God given gifts, and Heal with Heaven! You can order a digital or paperback copy on amazon, just click on this link:

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