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111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888...Repeated Number Sequences: The Language of the Angels in Heaven

Have you been seeing a repeated number sequence over and over, that seems to be more than just coincidence?

From a heavenly perspective, there are no coincidences and it is no accident that you have been led here to read these words on this page. The universe is thought to be comprised of numbers in the science and cosmology, and far before science was created, numbers have had extreme symbolic purposes in the Bible symbolizing harmony and wholeness. What ever your belief system is, you are being called to raise your consciousness, through the very real language of Heavenly repeated number sequences and their spiritual meanings.

Please don't be afraid or intimidated by these recurring number sequences. I'm here to reassure you that there is no need to get "freaked out," by them, or to engage in thoughts that these numbers could be a "bad omen" or some sign of doom and gloom.

It's the complete opposite! You are being awakened by heaven to activate your awareness and receive loving direct communication from the Heavenly Realm for positive and loving guidance. God entrusts His angels to guide and guard us in all ways as it explains in Psalm 91:11, and doing that requires them to speak to us as God’s own messengers as in Luke 1:19. One incredible way that guardian angels use to speak to us, is through angel numbers or numbers that are repeated in a sequence.

What exactly is a repeated number sequence or Angel number?

Well, for example you may be driving along the freeway, and a car suddenly pulls in front of you with a license plate displaying the number 333. When you get to your parking destination there is only one parking spot available, and there before your eyes is a car parked next to that one open spot that is again displaying, -- you guessed it, the repeated number sequence 3:33!

Or maybe you happen to glance at your phone or the clock and again and again, it just happens to be displaying a repeated number sequence such as 1:11, 2:22, 4:44, or 555!

Don't be alarmed! Get excited! Because this is amazing news for you! Heaven is beaming with love and on your side with loving guidance.

Repeated number sequences are a lightning fast way for Heaven to get your attention.

Heaven vibrates on a level in which most of us can not see with our physical eyes. You and I both, are vibrating very slowly compared to the heavenly realm. Our bodies and surroundings are matter based and solid. Heaven is not solid by any means, and is not bound by time or space. It's far easier for heaven to cue you with repeated number sequences, than it is to manifest a large Angel right in front of you, saying “hi can you pay attention please, we are trying to get a hold of you!”

When you are constantly seeing repeated number sequences such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999, then take note of when you saw that particular repeated number sequence and what feelings, thoughts, and questions you were having that have been on your mind and on your heart.

Many of us think we are alone, and there is no real way to talk to Heaven. But this just isn’t true. If we can become aware of the cues of Heaven through these repeated number sequences, then we can dramatically increase our relationship and communication with the Divine.

Here is a quick list of the spiritual meaning of some popular repeated number sequences cues from Heaven and your Guardian Angels:

111 (or 1111): 1's are a definite and strong message to only think about what you want to manifest, and NOT what you don't want to manifest, as the universe is literally taking a snap shot of your thoughts and putting them into motion. Stay ultra positive, and write down your positive affirmations, aspirations and dreams. Stay grateful for the small things, and attract more good into your life. Biblically Psalm 111:1 speaks of being grateful with your whole heart!

222: The repeated number sequence of 222, is a message to have trust and keep the faith that everything will turn out for the best! Stay positive in this situation, and refrain from entertaining negative thoughts, and projecting fear into matter and manifestation. 222 reminds us that everything happens for a reason, and that everything is in divine timing for the highest good of all! In Genesis 2:22 the Bible speaks of love, unity, and faithfulness. The word wisdom is used 222 times in the Bible.

333 (or 33): The repeated number sequence of 333 is God's presence around you, the Christ Jesus IMMENSE love. When seeing this number, often times the presence of God is tangible. It is a number for a soul group called to earth that is called to battle against darkness with the light and love. Note that Jesus lived 33 years. For many who have turned away from Him due to the harsh religious dogma, I would like to gently remind you that Jesus was not himself religious, he was a rebel changing the commandments to include most importantly love, and a focus on discipline of thought. Jesus can come to anyone who needs his IMMENSE LOVE, and who desires to accept Him with just the asking in His Name. He wants to work through you to help shine the light in the darkness! Jeremiah 33:3 speaks of calling God, and He will answer and show you things that are unsearchable and unknown.

444: The repeated number sequence of 444 is a message from Heaven to not resort to fear and that all will be alright in the circumstance. Instead of worrying and replaying fearful thoughts, stop, breathe, and visualize an outcome that is resonating with love rather than fear. It is also a wonderful message that you are surrounded by a legion of angels of protection, so do not fear! On the 4th day of creation In Genesis 1:14-19 God completed the material universe creating the sun, moon and stars which are all sources of light from Heaven! So focus on the light instead of the darkness, and you will attract more good in your life and be supported by your angels in Heaven.

555: The repeated number sequence of 555 is a fast and furious message that things will change vastly and very quickly in your life. This number asks that fasten your seatbelt as spirit steps on the gas to change your life. Take heart in what seems a difficult challenge or loss, but will end up being the the path that you are being guided to follow with the encouragement of your angels whom protect you. Remember that the symbolic meaning of angel number 5 in the Bible is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. During the time of Christ’s death, he was wounded 5 times for the sins of mankind. Those wounds included 2 nails in His hands, 2 nails in His feet, and one wound piercing His side. These 5 wounds were an example of the Lord’s grace toward us. Jesus transcended from the physical into His Rising with Grace that was beyond compare. Bring grace into your thoughts, words, and actions as your life changes for the better.

666: The repeated number sequence of 666, is most often thought of and considered to be the mark of the beast in Revelations, and a sign of Satan. In the Ancient Greek language, each letter in the alphabet was assigned a numerical value. John explains in Revelations that the Beast is the the number of 666 and is also a name in the future vision he has been shown. If we take this into consideration and translate it from a loving angelic perspective, it means to take notice as to not praise and worship the material world, following a path that leads to stress, destruction, lust, addiction, and the constant craving of want and coveting. When you see this repeated number of 666 it is a warning to go back to the roots of love, compassion, giving to the needy, purity, organic foods, and fasting to communicate with God, and align yourself with the care of family, honoring God in reverence as the True and Real Sovereign Light and Truth.

777: The repeated number sequence of 777, is a powerful applause from Heaven that you have doing very well on your spiritual path. The Angel number 777 means that you are in alignment with your spiritual life work, and that the angels in heaven are very proud of you! Keep up the good work, and glorious LUCK is on the way! The repeated Angel number sequence of 777 is symbolic of representing God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Day of Pentecost is determined each year using the number 777. The center of Revelation's main prophetic events revolve around the number 7777, these events are initiated by the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven golden vials in Revelation 5:1, 8:2, 15:7.

888: The repeated number sequence of 888, means that you are attracting and in the flow for financial abundance as you become more and more open to receiving this gift from heaven. You have great knowledge and wisdom to share so don't remain silent about your gifts out of fear. This is a calling to write positive affirmations and think positive thoughts of abundance to magnetize what heaven is waiting to give you and support you in your endeavors! Remembering also that in ancient times the Greeks gave numeric value to each alphabet number and 888 is the number of Jesus' name. Take care to receive abundance though Him and the frequency of love, rather than fast abundance through the ego and addictions.

999: The repeated number sequence of 999, means that completion in a major chapter or cycle of your life is coming to a close , and that you will be moving towards something new. This is a message to manifest your life purpose, and the calling of service into action and to become who you were born to be. In Revelation, the number 999 refers to the angelic voice of heaven heralding peace and glory to reign forever. This is a calling for your spiritual purpose to come to fruition, to seek new beginnings with the signature of love and peace in your life.

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