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There has been a lot of flack, persecutions, and excommunication around those very words since the New Testament was translated in English in the year 1526.  In the King HenryVersion of the Bible they didn’t even use the words “psychic” or “medium.” Those somehow made their way into the translation later on. 


Also,  I looked up the Ancient Hebrew meaning of “medium” and it translates as simply-- “to channel.” This doesn’t even account for the fact that there are 4 possible meanings for each Hebrew word.  For example the word “hate” as one of it’s Hebrew meanings is “to like less” They only had to tenses.  It’s complex and I won’t go into it here but you get my meaning hopefully. 


I do not “channel.”  I don’t step aside and let some spirit take me over, while my voice changes and I can’t remember what I said when I come out of the possestion.  


Nope it’s just me Kymm.


Kymm that is sensitive enough to “see” what Heaven gives me access to – after prayer and according to the will of God.   


So even though those words are popular and on main stream tv with the James Van Praagh and the Long Island Medium (and I could probably get more hits with that wording) 

I am hoping to start a new trend and household name with “Christian Clairvoyant.”


I now dare to share who I am-- and have been --since I was a little child of age 2.  


I have taken no courses, classes, or joined any cults to receive a direct communication with Heaven. I have no familiar spirit that I step aside and channel. 


“Out of the blue” Heaven has bestowed within me or rather awoken clairvoyant capabilities to help those in great distress and grief. 


With that said explaining who I am, I want to move on to US, as in you and me and our connection, and the entire planet.


Recently,  many of us have been feeling isolated, lonely, purposeless, and grief stricken during these unrestful times.  


Let me ask you some questions.


Have you been yearning for loving guidance that leads in a positive direction for our mind, body, and spirit?


Are you longing for deeper faith rather than the treadmill of fear and loneliness? 


Are you waiting as you look at your phone for an emotionally distant text yet again, for deeper connection with your family, your friends and most of all yourself? These times are the reset, and the restart.


Will you restart with me?

Let me help liason Heaven’s loving guidance, inspiration and support that you need to heal your mind, your body, your heart, and your spirit.


Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me


Will you join me? 

Do you long for a place to belong with no judgements of your tears of grief, your spiritual beliefs, your past and present traumas, and a place that we can talk ALL THINGS HEAVEN  without feeling awkward?


Do you need a loving ear that can be a liason to lift your spirits and increase your faith and help devise a healing plan to follow?


How would it feel to finally feel natural Loving Guidance that in it’s foundation is based in HIS love and light?

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